Alternatives Therapy Limited is experienced in helping clients with numerous issues including Stress, Anxiety, Bereavement, Family, Domestic Abuse, Anger Management, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Low mood/Self-esteem, Addictions and Employment concerns. There are many theoretical models of Counselling. Alternatives Therapy Limited specialises in:


Person Centred Counselling

In this therapy, established by Humanistic Psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1940’s, we believe the client has the resources within themselves to reach their true potential. The Counsellor provides a facilitative climate ensuring three core conditions are present: Unconditional Positive Regard, where the Counsellor is accepting, non-judgemental; Congruence, where the Counsellor demonstrates genuineness and Empathy, where the Counsellor understands the client’s experience and feelings in an accurate and compassionate way. This model of counselling is client lead, including the number of sessions required.


Solution Focus Brief Therapy (SFBT)

This therapy was developed in the early 1980’s in America. As the name suggests, SFBT is focused on the future, goal orientated and aims to help clients develop solutions to their problems. This therapy is Therapist lead and is popular with corporations as part of the Employment Assistance Programmes, helping employees with work and personal issues, for a short set amount of sessions. The benefits of this therapy are increased productivity, reduced sickness absence and empowerment, as the client draws on their strengths and resources to bring about lasting positive changes in their lives. 


Family Therapy

Do you have a child aged between 11 to 17 that demonstrates Anti- Social Behaviour and is at risk of going into custody or care? If so, this therapy is a must for you and your family. Our family therapists will come into your home and your child’s environment, namely family, peers, school, neighbourhood and community to work intensively with you for three to five months including being on call. We will assist you as parents/carers develop skills and resources to effectively manage your child’s behaviour, to promote healthy relationships with family, peers, school, neighbourhood and community to achieve desirable outcomes.



£40 per hour